Consider Copy/Paste A Very Good Friend

What would I do without the command/control C? I would probably change professions. I’m not kidding. When you’re in the business of publishing and creating content on a regular basis for your own brand and for clients you can’t afford to reinvent the wheel of what gets published every single day, week or even month. And even if you could afford to do create something fresh every day, let me gently argue that you really shouldn’t.

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Is Your Organization on Instagram? Should It Be?

“My business has an active Facebook presence. Do we really need an Instagram presence too?”

It’s a common question. Because isn’t being active on one social media platform enough to reach your target community? Maybe . . . but likely not. Continue reading “Is Your Organization on Instagram? Should It Be?”


What makes a great Facebook page?

When you first created your Facebook page, you likely had the idea that you would use it to connect more immediately with your target client base/audience. I’ll be the first to tell you—that’s the right idea. Continue reading “What makes a great Facebook page?”