When you first created your Facebook page, you likely had the idea that you would use it to connect more immediately with your target client base/audience. I’ll be the first to tell you—that’s the right idea.

Regardless of if you had your marketing strategy in place when you went live and started inviting everyone you knew to “like” your business page – it’s not too late to make your page an incredible resource that will grow your reach and client base. I’ve compiled a few tips that are tried and tested will help you get things moving – and in no time, you will start seeing those page likes increase and your post engagement go up:

Determine who your ideal audience is

There is no use in putting messages and content on your page if you aren’t sure who you want reading it. Carefully think through your client and supporter base—just who are they? Think about them as a group and as individuals. Why do they like you and what you have to offer?

Keep in mind that not every single post has to resonate with your entire client and supporter base.

Here’s an example: If you’re a dentist, your client base may be all over the place—working professionals of all ages, stay-at-home parents, students, retirees, insured, uninsured. Just thinking through these categories likely gives you some ideas for great content. Maybe you’ll target your next post to moms using a brightly colored image to illustrate how kid-friendly your practice is. Or, maybe you’ll try to reach students with a funny and well-crafted reminder to schedule that cleaning before exams eat their time away.

Keep in mind that not every single post has to resonate with your entire client and supporter base. Keep the content steady and varied and you will resonate with everyone—and that leads me to the next tip . . .

Post regularly

I recommend plotting out an entire monthly schedule where you post at least three times per week.

How many business pages have you visited and you noticed that the last post on their page was maybe 6 months ago? Too many, right? Don’t let that be your page! That’s a lot of wasted opportunity to engage!

I recommend plotting out an entire monthly schedule where you post at least three times per week. If you’re thinking, “but I have such a hard time thinking of something to post on a day to day basis, how on earth am I going to think up a month’s worth of content?” Believe me, it’s easier than you think. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started:

Have a pattern.

  • Perhaps every second Monday of the month you introduce a staff member. Maybe every other Wednesday you share content that you enjoyed reading that relates to your organization/practice. Maybe you link to certain pages of your website (donation page, about page, etc.) with a nice looking graphic every Tuesday.

Don’t skimp on positive messaging

  • There are holidays almost every month—don’t forget to make snazzy posts about them. Additionally, look up what fun celebration days are coming up for the month. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to share about “National Coffee Day,” do you?

Showcase your involvement

  • Does your organization support a cause? Highlight that cause on your social media–and highlight them often. If you take part in a charity event, take pictures and post them! Clients love to see that you care about your community.

Run promotions/contests

  • If you’ve got a great service that you want to promote —run likes, comments and sharing contests on your posted content to generate more traffic to your page. This is a great motivator to build “likes” and engagement from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer!

Make sure every post has a clean and attractive visual component

People engage with content that is attractive.

Of all the tips I mentioned above, this tip is the one that will set you apart and cut through the noise and saturation of content on social media. People engage with content that is attractive. Let me say that again. People engage with content that is attractive. I have plans to put together an entire blog post with some tips to help you create better visual content. For now, make sure you are posting crisp and clear pictures/graphics with each and every post. Even if it’s just a royalty-free and attractive hi-res photo you snagged off of pexels.com—you’re miles beyond the rest.


If you would like to discuss in more depth how I can come alongside and help you put these thoughts and tips into practice, contact me here. I’m always happy to get to get to know you, your field, your brand and help push you to the front of the pack. 

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