What would I do without the command/control C? I would probably change professions. I’m not kidding. When you’re in the business of publishing and creating content on a regular basis for your own brand and for clients you can’t afford to reinvent the wheel of what gets published every single day, week or even month. And even if you could afford to do create something fresh every day, let me gently argue that you really shouldn’t.

Spend more time connecting and marketing a quality message with your target audience than creating a new message.

We live in a world where more content is created than consumed. More content is published than read and digested. More time is placed into a message than understanding an audience and an audience’s intake of content. Let me propose something that might sound radical: spend more time connecting and marketing a quality message with your target audience than creating a new message.

Turn your target audience into a loyal community.

Think of quality content as a long game. Copy, paste, freshly repackage and then do it again until you can turn your target audience into a loyal community.

Your best content should be carefully and creatively crafted to communicate who you are and what you do. Like your branding, the substance of your content should not be in constant flux. In fact, go ahead and consider your content to be an important part of your branding. Even if you offer countless services under one brand identity, the content and marketing campaigns you’re communicating to your audience or community should remain recognizably consistent.

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Sometimes “ new” simply means repackaging the old.

This does not mean you cannot ever present anything new (you absolutely should), but it does mean that all new content should preserve your timeless brand integrity. And sometimes “new” simply means repackaging the old and timeless content to reach a broader audience. This might mean taking an old blog post and creating a video with the same helpful content or taking an insightful splice from an old podcast episode and repackaging the content into an infographic. The options are virtually endless.

Success is worth repeating.

And often, you don’t need to change anything at all. A good blog post that was successful last year should be shared again with absolutely no change –simply because your audience has grown. Don’t abandon your old material. Remember, success is worth repeating.


If you would like to discuss in more depth how I can come alongside and help you put these thoughts and tips into practice, contact me here. I’m always happy to get to get to know you, your field, your brand and help push you to the front of the pack.

View More: http://abigaildeanphotography.pass.us/laurabethkirsopsummer2018